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The 52nd birthday of Robert Smith from The Cure

Hari ini tanggal 21 april Robert Smith The cure Berulang tahun ke 52. let’s take a look at his career and digging some stuff out of the archives as well as looking at his most recent projects!

robert smith

robert smith

He was born Robert James Smith in Blackpool, England, and is the lead singer, guitar player and principle songwriter for The Cure (and the only constant member since the band was founded in 1976). Semenjak pertama kali muncul dalam band awal karirnya smith sangat mudah di kenali dengan penampilannya yang khas: big hair, black clothes, smudged red lipstick and black eyeliner.

Penampilannya kental dengan ciri khas gothic. Cure populer di tahun 80 an yang memang tahun di mana gothic sedang populer. tapi smith menyangkal dan menganggapnya hanya kebetulan. menurutnya sudah semenjak lama penampilannya memang seperti itu. “tapi jika anda mengaitkan gothic dengan the cure itu sangat membuat saya kecewa” kata smith.

When The Cure was formed back in 1976 [ ternyata sudah sangat lama sekali ]. awalnya smith bukanlah vocalis dari band. tapi suatu saat sang vocalis keluar dan smith menggantikannya. Happily for us, that replacement was never found by the band, otherwise we would have missed out on his unique vocals.

When the band first started out Smith would use a softer vocal style seperti pada lagu boys dont cry atau saturday night. dan kemudian lebih kental dengan corak punk di “I Just Need Myself”. di album ketiga “imaginary” smith merubah gaya vocalnya. dia bilang dia berusaha memperbaiki gaya vocal yang dirasa tidak memuaskannya : Smith said that he wanted to improve his singing and we are hearing that vocal in his songs and projects that have come out since then.

“ I don’t think there is such a thing as a typical Cure sound. I think there are various Cure sounds from different periods and different line-ups” Robert Smith

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