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Beautiful Polar Panorama Photography For Your Inspiration

Panoramic photography is a method of photography where in Photos are captured within a greater field of view than the human eye can take in. An image showing a field of view approximating, or greater than, 180 degrees can already make a scene look totally different from real life. Polar Panorama is a unique variation of the panoramic photography in which the technique used covered the fields of view of up to 360°. With the application of Photoshop effects such as Photoshop filter (Distort> Polar Coordinates), the captured images look like a stereographic projection or literally a little planet. So take a look below Beautiful Polar Panorama Photography For Your Inspiration and enjoy. Hope you will like this post. We are expecting for your nice comments and views.

About Reksa Lumina

sceptical and calm. enjoy nature just as much as the animals and people who arte with it. i am intact with myself and have much pride.

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